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Hapbee - Choose How You Feel

Have you ever wanted to have the freedom to choose how you feel? I know this may sound silly to many, but during recent times, it can almost feel as though its quite challenging! Although most are familiar with using supplements and nootropics alike, it was quite exciting to know that there is something out there that can actually help us to access different types of feelings within ourselves without any ingestion of supplementation! With decades of research to prove it, Hapbee has demonstrated how much frequencies matter to us as humans, where different low energy signals and blends are emitted from this low profile and sleek looking device that can mimic natural compound effects such as caffeine, CBD, melatonin, nicotine, alcohol and more all without side effects! Other than its ability to have quick effects in under 30 min or less, what mattered a lot is its low energy and minimal RF exposure, as many of us as Biohackers and aware health care professionals are concerned about. It is definitely liberating to know that choosing how we feel doesn’t have to be as challenging as what it used to be, where some have difficulty with meditation practices alike, the Hapbee actually helps to give it a boost! The science, although nerdy yet extremely pleasing to me, is best explained on on their blog post where research continues on till today!

I appreciate the subtly of how we get to choose how we feel, especially the calm energy it creates for clients without effort. I'm also able to task things without losing focus or interest so easily and quickly.

- Dara, Aesthetics by Dara

I have aphantasia, so my thoughts are always racing and can get overwhelming when I want to/should be focusing on something. With the Hapbee, it’s easier to focus and organize my thoughts. In addition to being more productive, I fall asleep more easily and wake up more rested.

- Luanna, Na'au Pono Physical Therapy

The Hapbee device was introduced to us via Virtual Biohacking conference of October 2020, and immediately it peaked out interest. Feeling sad about the cancellation of the Biohacking Conference for that year, we were yearning for something within Na’au Pono that can move forward and grow with us, promoting a tech that is not only safe for everyone to use but effective with helping one choose to promote resilience in their life. Although mentioned many times by Dave Asprey, as Scott Donnell has been a guest of his podcast many times, we wanted to experience the benefits of this intriguing device in its exciting and early stages. As a standard, we trial things here for a period of minimum 3-6 months before actually choosing to retail it at location, to give us enough data and experience to share with our clientele. The Hapbee intrigued us with its original six signals: Happy, Alert, Focus, Relax, Calm, and Deep sleep, where many locals have peaked interest whom have been lucky to use this device here at Na’au Pono. Most noticed the effects happened within 5 minutes minimum consistently over a period of weeks to months, ranging in age and activity levels.

More recently, since Biohacking Conference of 2021, Hapbee updated their signals and added blends which were extremely brilliant in how they almost “bridge’ the gap” between the basic yet trademark signals Hapbee had originally. Since so much has evolved within a short period of time, we decided to raise questions to Hapbee, while meeting with Scott and his team later, to have an ability to promote selling this product here in Hawaii at Na’au Pono, a premier Biohacking location with a collective of different skilled practices and retail of quality tech and products. Hapbee is now for sale here, without worry of shipping costs that can be be a strain here out in the middle of the sea, as we continue to provide a space for people to achieve what resilience looks like to our clientele from patients and customers alike.

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