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Trust Your Gut!

“To achieve your wellness goals, you need to start by optimizing your microbiome and metabolism.”


VIOME gut biome test kit

At Naʻau Pono, we recommend testing your gut and metabolic intelligence with kits that are easy to order and complete!

Just follow the simple instructions provided, and within a few weeks, these amazing kits from Viome will provide the most comprehensive analysis of your internal ecosystem and will empower you with simple, personalized recommendations!

We believe that the path to resilience starts from your naʻau (gut), which translates to many meanings (kaona) within ōlelo (Hawaiian language). Understanding that we must trust our naʻau, and correct or “make right” from here, will manifest amazing results by giving us the feedback that is necessary to provide us direction. Within this perspective, of specific detailed analysis of our gut biome, we can connect successfully with and from our naʻau.

Call or schedule in with Naʻau Pono today for more information and schedule in a wellness assessment or explore the link provided below for specific information on Viome to order your kit today!

Click here to learn more about the Viome Kit

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