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Repair Quickly With Protein Fasting

The "basics" of protein fasting originally focused on limiting protein intake to 25g of protein, with knowledge that plants/vegetation provide protein as much as pastured red (and white) meats. This is practiced at least once a week, in order to facilitate this amazing process that naturally occurs called: autophagy! Autophagy is an amazing detoxifying process within cells in our body that literally uses/recycles the junk in our cells as energy, allowing us to use fat for fuel.

Here at Naʻau Pono, we especially use the Bulletproof Protein Fasting method (reduce protein to ~15g a day), as well as Intermittent Fasting to achieve the best results within gut and brain function, by providing a healthy detox to cells, decreasing inflammation, improving sleep quality and mitochondrial function, all within path to resilience. This assures consistent progress in benefit to overall well-being, specific to the individual, whether it be within services of the Wellness Programs here, Physical Therapy, or Esthetics! Our bodies and minds are exposed to many environmental toxins, and by practicing this weekly, along with cyclic ketosis/intermittent fasting continues to provide success with many patient and clients alike. Let me share this amazing article/blog that goes into detail about protein fasting correctly:

There is a gentle way of introducing yourself to protein fasting, and many will run from the word "fasting" simply because it can translate to people as "starving" or what millennials state as being "hangry", which no one enjoys. Sure Bulletproof coffee definitely helps, but we truly believe that Bulletproof protein fasting does provide the best means, with much detailed research behind it. Fasting is a very healthy practice, where many have yielded results and far exceeded goals, and the best part is: Food tastes amazing, therefore I feel amazing, and results will be --- Look amazing!

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