Key to Assessment

Within quality assessment you open doors, you discover status, which is literally feedback. It can be simply put as objective data or information, and needs no further detail, initially at least. 

But what and who is involved with an assessment? What's the difference between screening and assessment? Why is it so important to screen and/or assess? These are questions that are raised by many within consultation: professionals, students, and patients/clients alike. But as human beings it is important to question this daily: "What is our status?"

With knowledge of status, one or many can navigate toward a goal (which can/will inevitably develop into many goals), and paves the path toward what resilience may look like. This will vary, depending on risk of goal of course. 

This is the basic assessment method practiced here at Naʻau Pono. All patients and clients are given an in depth and detailed initial assessment, supported by up to date research, in order to provide the best treatment method that is proficiently efficient and effective. With many influences in the past, we have adopted this philosophy and have found that spending the time to connect with our patients and clients in order to gather valuable information is paramount to delivering quality care and attention; therefore, outcomes will be and are markedly in his/her favor!

It is important to not overlook the simple information that is gathered within initial assessment, for the details that can and will enhance the initial gathering of data may be confusing if introduced too early. This can create much confusion, which may make one feel lost, as though he/she is "fumbling around to find the right key to open the door." 

Discover what an assessment feels like here at Naʻau Pono, and begin to experience resilience now!