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Mission: Resilience

Woodward Ohana

I believe it was said best by New York Times best-selling author Brandon Burchard of books such as "Motivation Manifesto" and "The Charged Life" - "No matter how small, start something that matters." And that is what I, David, and my wife Dara have done. We have created this dream of ours together, opening a business of our own, and starting something new and exciting!

I know the word resilience is stated with this webpage numerous times, but what I love about that word is that is encompasses what I feel every human strives, or what they should be striving, for! Within the past 2-3 years, much work has been done, where one can grow in such a small period of time, within personal and business development. "To think is to create", has taken on our lives as a family, and we have made a dedication to provide the highest quality service to others here at our launching location here in the convenient location off of South King Street at the "Title Guaranty" Building.

Dara has opened the prestige "Aesthetics by Dara", where her organic and "top-shelf" product line of Eminence and Yon-Ka are utilized, and the effortless skill and passion of revealing ones beauty dwells within one person. Every client, male or female, here walks out glowing with a new sense of self when they look at their reflection, where they initially learn to discover and accept their status, and also develop an "end vision" of whom they strive to be.

I am excited and blessed every day to be able to share this space with her currently, whereas before it would be rare to see each other, as well as our son Isaac, until 7:30 or 8:00pm. It really warms me to open this dream as a family, as we have dreamt of this since our young ages of 17 yrs old: to open a business together. We didn't know what it was going to be, but we knew that we wanted to create something together.

Diet and lifestyle changes were dramatically changed within the past 3 years, where inspiration from leaders in this awesome and exciting world were read about and heard over podcasts daily, and every day started to be not only more productive, but more importantly: happy. We felt the need to "upgrade your life", as Dave Asprey states, and since being 100% "Bulletproof" have reclaimed energy and focus. Since starting, truly me and Dara have developed a new sense of connection, with communication that never thought could be achieved, where goals created became accomplished as soon as they were written on paper or posted on our vision wall (usually a board). Although we are currently separate businesses, we are creating something new and exciting in the background, as mentioned before, and will continue on with our journey to continue to create resilience within our lives!

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